Hello and “what’s this all about?”


You have come across a creative installation which is multi-media, multi-faceted and with multiple access points.

The Red Forge Publishing House is an ongoing piece of writing, music and artwork that has evolved from previous work explained further down. It is developing into:

Another dimension is the Theodorus Spiral Company which is a website highlighting everything about the Spiral of Theodorus. At present the most effort is being put into the Winding Pattern but still hoping to produce Theodorus Shields in the future.

Kes Creations was added in April 2015. It is an online store to purchase The Red Forge Publishing House and Theodorus Spiral Company merchandise.

I began writing the original The Wave and the Particle in June 2015 and it developed into a hypertext fiction. It originally was the sequel to My Painted Elephant but could have been read first. Late in 2015 I rearranged the work inserting The Wave and the Particle and The Red Forge Publishing House into My Painted Elephant and changed the title to A Perpetual Tale.

I originally wrote My Painted Elephant for an entry into the Paris Literary Prize run by the Shakespeare & Company Bookshop but it has since developed into a multi-media work of hypertext fiction and real-time music and sculpture.

These  works are now entwined in the story A Perpetual Tale and the play called The Red Forge Publishing House. The main themes are: sci-fi themes: holograms and time travel, information science and the psychology of success versus failure. There are two historical characters Theodorus of Cyrene and Hypatia. Kesbooks Skytower does exist, in that she did come out of Second Life and does have a Twitter account, unfortunately she is not a real hologram (hopefully one day). The other characters Max, the information agent and Charlotte, the owner of the Theodorus Spiral Company are fictional.

Keren Photo for Social Media

Keren Sutcliffe

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