Book 2. The Red Forge Publishing House

First published by The Red Forge Publishing House, 2015, updated 2016 and 2017, 2021

Adelaide, South Australia

Copyright © Sutcliffe, Keren

Cover of The Red Forge Publishing House

7 2.65 Kesbooks Skytower (1083/1080)

8 2.82 The Red Forge Publishing House (1033/1044)

9 3.00 The Port Festival (991/939)

10 3.16 Struggling to get it right (954/856)

11 3.32 Theodorus has something to say (921/737)

 In my dream I know,
Who I want to be.
When will it come true?
Will you be there too?

Except from Homeless in Paridise

Book 2.  The Red Forge Publishing House

7 2.65 Kesbooks Skytower (1083)

The wind whipped up around her neck and she looked out across the skyline – all of Paris lay before her but she put her head down and kept typing and singing to herself.

Brenda decided to leave Max meeting Marla and bring Kesbooks Skytower into the story. Brenda really wanted to see her character, Kesbooks Skytower, the hologram sent from the future, become a reality. She seemed so far away from where she wanted to be in terms of achievements in her life.

Rain had started to fall, so Brenda needed to move into the alcove of an empty boutique. Soon she was back at the keyboard. Kesbooks Skytower was a character that had evolved in Brenda’s mind. Brenda had started playing Second Life and really enjoyed being her avatar, Kesbooks Skytower but what she wanted was her to appear before her, perhaps as a hologram and the idea emerged that she was a hologram sent from the future. How?

It was all going to be because a team of clever mathematicians, physicists, biologists, computer programmers and engineers in the Year 3015 AD would crack the space-time continuum and send holograms embedded with nanoscopical organic material through time. Holograms by then were a normal way of conveying information. Everyone sent their hologram to meetings to do their work. It became a great way to multitask. It had become a whole new way of communicating in about 2500AD.

Brenda was having trouble not being able to use the internet for any research she needed. She felt the world had become technologically crazy, an “app” for this and another “app” for that. Then the data hype had hit and it was all about big data and predictive analysis, leveraging that data to increase sales and wealth. It upset Brenda that the new technology didn’t seem to be helping people find information they need easily. There was no end to the hotch potch introductions of new technology in Brenda’s world though she had left all that behind while in Paris. She had wanted to be free of the communication trap; she felt she needed to get rid of the distraction of the modern smart phone in order to complete the novella. Back at home in her contemporary home in Adelaide suburbia with the big back yard and gum trees, she had been feeling a growing pressure to be successful. She felt she could not bear the mundane any longer. Perhaps she was successful in her own way but she could not see it. Some days the world seemed so complex to her that she was overwhelmed.

The following is an excerpt from the diary Kesbooks is writing for the researchers back in the year 3015.

Name: Kesbooks Skytower

1st April 2021

I am getting used to my new life. I came out of the computer program about a month ago and though it was scary at first I am now starting to have some fun. I know you can see through my camera eyes but I do have feelings about this process too. I suppose the whole world is watching and I hope I do a good job. It has all been a shock really, while we practised this in 3015, to come to 2021 is really quite an experience. People have been interesting to meet. When I first come out I was at the Semaphore Public Library, it is really nice there. Even though I look like an avatar out of Second Life people have not realized I am a hologram. I even made some friends there among the borrowers and staff.

A very nice man named Max had been especially nice and helpful. Max is an Information Agent who uses the library as his office. Max has given me some money to spend here but I really don’t need anything. Though sometimes I pretend to have lunch or drink a coffee with my new friends. He also thinks he has applied the programming of Second Life to the logic and physics of real life and that is why I am now able to teleport using GPS coordinates. I just don’t have the heart (funny really that I have picked up so quickly the human friends etiquette) to tell him I don’t need his help because I am a self learning algorithm from the future. I have been able to use machine learning to interpret and adjust my programming myself. I know you were worried that the large difference in time might weaken the signals for me to have that much power but I feel fine. Everything is going well.

I have a Facebook and Twitter accounts (it probably seems so old fashioned to you) and apparently there are a lot of other avatars from Second Life living in the “real world”. I have many friends and followers and most people are really nice because I am learning everything from scratch it has been hard not to make a mess of some stuff. I have very few emotions so I am not really effected by embarrassment.

One of my new friends Charlotte has been telling me about growing up and going to school. This has upset me because I have been created as I am today. I really wish to experience life and I have thought about how I will grow older naturally when I am an avatar. If there was such a thing as ageing in Second Life I could get back and change my appearance every six months or so. I guess I have what a lot of the people seem to want and that is an ageless appearance. I know I have had training in human psychology but actually being here so far from my own time is not always easy.

Charlotte asked me a whole bunch of questions about if I could tell the future by going back to Second Life and coming back after going forward in time or something crazy like that so she could get rich quick. I don’t think so. I do have some advantages as I do not need to sleep. I can’t feel tired and therefore can party all night. I don’t eat or drink so I am a cheap date. I was in Second Life for about a year before coming out so I do know quite a bit of stuff that I have learnt by web scraping and data analysis. While I am not that naive, I have said some really stupid things because I need to learn quite a bit of history and politics and this and that to function properly. I get better every day though because I can operate for twenty-four hours a day and with the internet it is really easy to catch up on information.

I have fixed my co-ordinates so that I have a very close to solid three-dimensional structure and can wear clothes and apply makeup etc. Most people walking down the street or at the shops don’t notice anything different about me. I don’t really feel anything when touched so that is a real disappointment as I have seen the pleasure others get from touching each other.

When Brenda reread what she had written she felt pretty good. It made sense to her. The hologram experiment of sending a hologram from the future to a computer program that was current in the desired year seemed a reasonable method. Especially if holograms were common place in the year 3015 and like the Curiosity Mars project it would have a camera and send vision and messages to the operators. Perhaps Kesbooks sounded a little too human-like but if holograms were well established and everybody used them Brenda thought they would be very human like in their speech. She thought about the smart phones that talk, they are produced to try to sound human. Kesbooks would have a will of her own because she was a great hologram on an expedition.She had even managed to get herself a job. After Max met Marla and introduced her to Marla, she joined The Red Forge Publishing House at his party, Marla gave Kesbooks the job as the Librarian there.
Kesbooks Redesign

“I am Kesbooks Skytower, the Librarian @ The Red Forge Publishing House.”

“I am a hologram sent here from the future.”

“Nice to meet you.”

8 2.82 The Red Forge Publishing House (1033)

Marla stormed into the office of The Red Forge Publishing House just about unable to contain her frustration.

“Breathe” she told herself.

“They’re closing in on us, Tarn. I knew this would happen; we can’t seem to move quickly enough. We need to have a meeting; make it tomorrow 9 am.” Marla barked at Tarnie.

Tarnie set about contacting all the employees of The Red Forge Publishing House. She hadn’t seen Marla quite this agitated before and immediately began to worry about what was going to happen. Marla’s agitation might mean she would expect everyone to work harder and faster.

Tarnie had a lot going on in her life at the moment and was quite comfortable with the easy pace. This was going to be a drain on her reserves. She felt the transparent skin under her sleeve twitch. For the umpteenth time she thought to herself, ‘that was so stupid.’

Everyone was early to the meeting the next morning: Leroy, Max, Charlotte, Tarnie, and Marla. They had all been working there for about six weeks now. Marla had slowly begun gathering the team after gaining some traction in the interest of her project.

A few years earlier she had met a lady named Brenda who had written a novella for a literary competition. Marla had taken the project on and gathered a group of people to help her with composing the song and produce the art to complement the work. Marla had also started writing her own novel called The Wave and the Particle that continued on with some of the story lines that Brenda had started.

Marla was finding the writing process as frustrating as Brenda had. She also had the added complexity of marketing on Social Media and trying to establish The Red Forge Publishing House brand. She had met Tarnie at the pub one night and together had been working on, ideas for writing and music, media profiles and shoot off projects.

“OK guys, we need to really step it up now team. The new logo looks good.” 3d-spirals

“So much is going on out there; we are going to get left behind. We need this book printed and the music being played. I want the artwork completed and entered into an art competition. We have to start getting the product out there. I really think the time is right now. It is just the sort of entertainment the public are looking for; a little bit quirky but offering real substance.”

“Tarnie get that music score done. Kesbooks can promote it online and maybe we can apply for an arts or some sort of business grant.”

Charlotte waded into the conversation; a little timid because she could feel Marla was so tensed up. “Do you think we will get plagiarised or ridiculed if we put it up not quite finished. I would like to see it edited again and Kesbooks is back in Second Life.” She said with a slight eye roll and exasperation. Kesbooks was certainly was getting on Charlotte’s nerves lately.

Marla cut her off “No, I want it out there. Someone is going to beat us to this. My Painted Elephant is OK as is. Leave it a bit rough, it will give it an arty, edgy feel. Besides Brenda lost her laptop with the work unfinished so it is supposed to have an unfinished feel. I want the website to be a record of progress so anyone can see who is the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights on this piece. Max, can you please compose a clear legal strategy on this matter; perhaps have a copyright statement on the first page. But one more edit is needed, I agree. Charlotte, have another look at it and then send to the printers when ready. I want to have hard copies for sale at the Port Festival in October.”

“OK boss” said Tarnie. She continued, rand said what everyone was thinking.  “I think we will need an editor in the future.”

Marla nodded. Perhaps she would advertise for an editor.

“Are we continuing on with the library site?” Max interjected. “Because I have some ideas for some additional services, such as a story time and a short documentary on the Dewey Decimal System.”

“Yes, we will keep the Maxden Library and Information Services site going.”

Max interjected. “Look I want to change the name to Maxden Library and Information Services”. I think it sounds more exclusive, I have been looking into creating a separate entity. Maxden is very efficient to search for digitally because of the ‘x’, some search engines search for the least used letters first.”

Marla decided she liked the new name. “Ok Max.”

He went on. “I think we should concentrate on researching information acquisition problems for people. I’d like Maxden Library and Information Services to be a go to place for difficult information, helping organisations with information flow and removing barriers to information access.”

“Ok Max, see me later to discuss this further. If we could win the support of State Government to promote and provide support for the data collection of call centre transcripts that would be invaluable. I think.  Let’s arrange another meeting to discuss Maxden Library further. I do have a couple of contacts at the University.”

Marla returned her gazed to the rest of the team. I really want the book, music and artwork finished by October, that’s four months. I think that’s do-able. Kesbooks has been doing nicely on the social media, I think it is OK she is back in Second Life. Leroy, I really need you to come up with the believable science for Kesbooks. There is a lot going on with holography. I want it to be the very latest idea and of course the time travel must stay in.”

An audible groan was heard from Leroy. He had a good idea about holograms having lasers coming out of their eyes but didn’t think Marla would like this. While popular science writing jobs were hard to come by, he thought it best to save the more contentious aspects of technology development quiet. ‘Next she will ask me about Kesbook’s Diary,’ he thought to himself.

Marla was shocked. “Stop it Leroy, I know the time entanglement angle irks you but it is staying. It really is the whole point.”

“It just isn’t realistic because of the changing the past paradox etc. um..higgaldy pickledy as Brenda puts it.” Leroy ventured. He had read My Painted Elephant and did think it had some good ideas in it but it was written by some ‘forty-something’ woman from nowhere.

“Yes and she then proceeds to ignore the higgeldy pickledy.”Marla flashed back. “It could be possible to travel on your own time line and not change anything. Just travel forward and back. Just go and have a look,” she explained.

“What is the point of that?” argued Leroy .

“That is what we are trying to find out, for fuck sake you are the science writer that is why I employed you. Also I don’t get what Brenda was saying about the derivatives of the theodorus spiral.  And didn’t I ask for you to continue on writing Kesbook’s diary?”

Charlotte waded in, trying to protect Leroy. She is often shy in the meetings, not sure of herself. “I’ve been thinking of a human interest segment on our website. I have been thinking about interviewing some people, talk about their aspirations, loves etc. I think it will get a regular return to our website.”

Marla was nodding, encouraging Charlotte to tell them her ideas.

“And I have been thinking we could set up a studio and stream live music via the website too.” interjected Tarnie.

Marla raised her hand. “OK, one at a time please.”

“That’s a great idea, Charlotte, you could to do the interviews or get someone else to do it. Go ahead and get a couple of interviews recorded and we will have a look. It will be good to build up a following on the website. Now, I am writing the next part of My Painted Elephant, it is called The Wave and the Particle.”

Marla was addressing the whole group and then looked at Leroy.

“Leroy, we need a check out on the website. I want to sell the book as an e-book directly from the website. I don’t think we can keep My Painted Elephant as a free book either. As a business we really need to start making some money. Now I hope you are all wearing your t-shirts out and about. We really need to get some more exposure in the community with our product. Live music would be great Tarnie but are you going to do it? Let’s find a professional singer and band. Perhaps once we start getting some sales we can look at doing more. I would like to do surveys too, how many people out there know what hypertext fiction is?”

“I want to get Andrew, the mathematician a bit more involved. The idea is to get some of this maths and science in action not just in fiction. We need the skills base, here at TRFPH. Again once we start getting sales on the books and merchandise we can start expanding out with other functions.”

“Let’s do a maths competition on the Theodorus Spiral Company website.” Leroy suggested.

“Yes, put that attempted proof Andrew did on the website and see if anyone spots the mistake but what is the prize going to be?” Marla questioned. Money was a little tight.

Theodorus Spiral Company t-shirts.” They all chimed together.

Charlotte’s eye lit up. “Oh Marla, I have been working on the Winding Pattern and I think we can try to get a Citizen Science Grant. The Winding Pattern is perfect for it. We ask people to look for the pattern anywhere and everywhere. With all the data that is being used and reused the pattern might turn up somewhere.”

“That is very good Charlotte, keep me informed. Max might be able to help with the grant application.”

“I’ve been reading about Linked Data. I want our site to have a Five Star rating. Leroy get on to that.”

Max saw his opportunity. “I’ve been working on a project with SA Libraries and Data SA. Maxden Library and Information Services could get their name out their within the open data and linked data circuit.”

“Brilliant, keep up the good work. OK team, that is enough for today.” Marla finished up.

Leroy caught up with Charlotte in the hallway. “I have been working on a book Learn Maths and Computer Programming with the Theodorus Spiral for people to learn maths using the Theodorus Spiral.”

“Oh that’s fantastic, Leroy, can I see it?” Charlotte inquired.

“Sure,  I can send it to you.” Leroy replied.

“Why didn’t you mention it to Marla?”

“I don’t know, she just rubs me the wrong way sometimes and I just don’t want to co-operate with her.” Leroy looked at Charlotte sheepishly. Charlotte looked back at him.

9 3.00 The Port Festival (991)

Tarnie was a bit surprised but very relieved. Pretty much status quo the same for her.  Just keep working on the music score. She began trying work out when she was going to fit this task in. She already knew she would be going back in time to use some of time she wasted in the past. ‘This, Leroy, is why we like time travel,’ she muttered to herself as she caught up to Max and started walking alongside him down the path to the river.

“Max, are you still organising tours back to the past?”  Tarnie asked.

“Yes and I want to investigate bringing some people forward from the past, a lot less effort for everyone concerned.” Max replied.

“Oh Max that is great,” exclaimed Tarnie. “Please bring Janis Joplin forward. I’d really like to see her.”

“You know that you can go back and see her?” Max half stated, half asked.

“Yes, but I can’t fit any more time travel in.” Tarnie grumbled. “It should be infinite amount of time with going backward and forward but it doesn’t seem to be way.” Max speculated.

At her home in suburban Chicago, Marla sat down at her computer and start writing a list:

  • Holograms – science (quantum computers, optics, space/time travel, worm holes, energy sources in the air)
  • Data Science project – collect information seeking data and match with information provision data. Aim to reduce wasted information seeking time.
  • Commercialisation of business – merchandise sales, subscription fees, book sales, shields (factory producing Aluminium/Bronze shields and trinkets), music royalties, film or animation script.
  • Marketing; is social media working?

After a massive sigh she began writing another list titled POSITIONS VACANT:

  • Writers for the The Red Forge Publishing House concept
  • Editor
  • Search Engine Marketing and Branding Experts
  • Mathematician for the Winding Pattern
  • Physicist (Optics and Theoretical) for Kesbooks Skytower hologram.
  • Data Scientist, collection and analysis of information seeking data and try to match with information provision data.
  • Manufacturers of Theodorus Shields (or wall hangings)
  • Clothing manufacturers and retailers for merchandise.
  • Musicians and singers to perform Homeless in Paradise

Before long Marla found herself designing a sign with the words FOR SALE:

Innovative Concept   $100,000 or nearest offer.

ArkiMay was getting frustrated that the ‘The Red Forge Publishing House’ chapter was now too long. She had only been working for Marla for a few hours but already the project was doing her head in. Marla had told her she wanted the chapter lengths to follow the method that Brenda had started out to do in My Painted Elephant.

Brenda would need to rearrange the story again or maybe she thought she could add two hundred words to every chapter to make the second derivative spiral right. She had already times the change in hypotenuse by ten thousand and then divided it by two. It was becoming difficult to manage. She pondered the idea of investigating the word lengths if she calculated the change in the change of the hypotenuse of each triangle. It would then become a story with chapter lengths determined by the third derivative of the Theodorus Spiral. She was madly cutting and pasting a bit from here and into there. She was frantic because she realised she was chopping and changing the only copy. She should have made a new copy and started altering that. She only had a mini laptop with no mouse, just a worn out touch pad to work with. This was insane.

She was so absorbed in her babbling story she failed to notice Claude approaching. He was frowning at her. She was hunched up with pain etched across her face. Earlier she had caught sight of herself in the window. It was amazing the rapid decline in her appearance from just a few days on the street. Her nails were broken and her hair had massive tangles in it.

Claude whispered perhaps you need a break. “Let me buy you a meal. You are going to make yourself sick.”

“I am sick Claude. I am talking to myself in the park, believing I am a famous writer, hoping that my delusions are real. I am begging that my characters would come to life before my eyes so I can touch them and talk to them. I want to become part of my world where time can fold back on its self and I can teleport from here and see my children.”

Claude let her spill all her troubles out over him, he was very patient and kind. Perhaps she had over reacted the other night by running away from him.

Brenda was about to apologise to Claude for her silly behaviour when he told her he had phoned her husband and he was on his way to Paris to get her. He held her hand and told her that she was the story. She could relax now because it was over. She would be going home.

Claude was saying he felt she should see a doctor and eat a proper meal or at least get to a hotel to rest in comfort for a while. He showed genuine concern for her. Yet she felt betrayed by the stranger. How could he have rung Jeremy? She was up and running away again. Why were people always interfering, trying to help? She was exasperated now and had bought a bottle of port at the shop. She found her way back to the ledge where she had spent her first evening. She took a swig from the bottle and then another. She was furious at Claude for ringing Jeremy, why can’t people mind their own business and let her get on with hers. She felt the annoyance that had arisen so many times in her life when others think they know it all and try to tell her how to do things. She knew what she was doing; she was a strong, independent woman, living out her life the way she wanted to. She was not going to bend to societal norms just because she felt she needed to. She also was not thinking that the universe was taking care of her. How many times had she heard her girlfriends, some of whom were successful women, say the universe is taking care of me? Brenda shook her head. She was taking care of Brenda.

When Brenda wrote back in the year 3015 she really meant in the future but she was now convinced time was running backwards. The future is already set. It has been done. She was not going to win a writing competition, she knew it. It had all been in vain so there were more tears and feelings of despair.

Should she press on, could she fix up this work, did it have any credibility? Was it a stumbling block, a humiliation or a triumph? Was she working toward a solution with commitment but with stumbling blocks or embarrassing herself and family?

“Please send me a message” she was saying to herself. “Who are you talking to?” She didn’t know, she just wanted something like a message from the past or the future. She wanted some answers to questions about what was she doing here? What was in this world for her? She was nothing like who she had wanted to be. She missed Jeremy; she wondered what would become of her. Would she get back to Australia? All her grandiose thoughts were gone. She felt none of the confidence she had felt when she set off for Paris only a week ago. That burning desire to write a creative work and to forge a place for her in history was no longer there. She felt like just a shell of herself. She did know the future and it was not going to be good. Perhaps she would perish here.

She panicked. Perhaps she really should see a doctor in the morning. Claude was right she was making herself ill. She missed her family and her old life. She had made a big mistake. She knew Jeremy loved her so maybe he would forgive her and let her come home. The thought of his warm hands wrapped around hers made her feel better. He was a good father and husband, he really did deserve better. She should be at home cooking his dinner, making sure the school uniforms were ready for the morning. What was she doing? She had being incredibly selfish. She felt sick with grief for her old life, poor Jeremy would be having to work and look after the kids and take care of the house and pets. Would he forgive her?

Despite the agony she felt, Brenda found herself writing again.

Everyone from The Red Forge Publishing House team was exhausted but exhilarated at the same time. The artists market stall had been an overwhelming success.

The crowd had admired the iron artifacts especially the candelabra that had been hand forged at Birkenhead Blacksmithing; the first ever blacksmithing forge on the northern side of the Port River. The TRFPH team couldn’t keep up with the sales of the flip book of My Painted Elephant and The Wave and the Particle. But the main attraction was the Theodorus Spiral on the Pedestal. Port Festival Spiral1

People had flocked to the spiral like a magnet. It seemed to draw the crowd that sauntered around the grounds. Young and old stood mesmerised by it.

They had all come looking for something special, something a little different. They had certainly found it at The Red Forge Publishing House stand at The Port Festival that year.

10 3.16 Stuggling to get it right (954)

Brenda looked up and an hour had passed but when she reread what she had written she was not impressed; it was going nowhere. On the spur of the moment she used a hotel’s internet to check her emails. She had been dreading opening her inbox because she thought there would be an email from her husband expressing his anger. Instead, there was nothing, just the usual junk, a couple of her usual society and club requests. Her son’s football club was having a fundraising event. She would not be attending. What would everyone think of her, abandoning her children, running away? Her heart sank – nothing from her husband; he had not pleaded with her or told her he hated her – nothing; that was worse.

Brenda did not cry this time but skipped breakfast and pushed on with her endeavour. She had wanted the story to be a life changing experience for the reader – maybe even to become a new religion. She began writing to the reader.

Do you know that feeling that comes when you  know what is going to happen or you have seen something before when you have never been there before; could that be because it has already happened? What we believe to be going into the future is really going backwards. It is similar to the notion that fate has already been decided. Where has this idea come from? Have we always known that the future has already happened? Perhaps we are just having trouble articulating it.

She felt that she had adequately made the point that time in the story was overlapping. She really felt she needed to put something more into it. Max thought the time entanglement was caused by Charlotte’s secret hobby: blacksmithing. She had been working on their grandfather’s forge when all the problems with extra selves started. Charlotte thought that it had occurred when she had gone out to ancient aboriginal lands. She had been on a hunt with an old boyfriend to find a front end loader that had been stolen and there had been a tip-off that the loader was out bush. While she was looking for the loader she came across a buried sculpture, it was made of iron, plastic and pink concrete. This was not an artefact from the past it was from the future.

Brenda was back out on the streets. After rereading her work she felt let down. What she was writing was not getting to her true thread…Theodorism.

The new religion would be Theodorism. What does this mean? Understanding maths and science and knowing that by continuing a certain way will lead to success. A span of 6000 thousand years, what does the year 3015 look like? We need to plan for this now. We can make the future what we want but who is going to do it? Brenda felt that uneasy feeling come over her; was she insane or was this clarity of mind onto something? She sat and pondered whether history’s Great Thinkers had felt the same way.

11 3.32 Theodorus has something to say (921)

As much as Brenda wanted history to be different: it was not. She was not the one to change it. She wanted to be able to be connected to all the great scientists and mathematicians. They could discuss with new knowledge what they could and could not have done in the past. The future would not about money but achievements.

Not having the internet felt to Brenda like an arm had being cut off. She knew her history of maths and science but couldn’t remember the dates to know who was living at the same time as whom. She should have bought a book. She had bought one book; it seemed a funny choice now,  1800 Mechanical Movements, Devices and Appliances by Gardner D. Hiscox first written in 1899. Brenda was always amazed at how much the world knew all those years ago. She felt the education system was failing in some way because they took so long to teach children maths and science information that has known for hundreds of years. Surely we have evolved so we can teach younger children mechanics and physics in primary school. We really do underestimate younger people, no wonder they get bored at school with all the colouring in they have to do.

Brenda was again immersed in her thoughts when Theodorus whispered to her; she heard it like he was a man sitting next to her – she was not scared. The voice was strong and deep.

“Do you see that really you are back where you started though you have more understanding of who you are now? You thought it all through thoroughly; really you can relax and just enjoy life. You’ve come full circle but with more depth now to your character.”

Brenda said.”Yes, I can see, it has been a worthwhile experience. It doesn’t matter if I have failed at least I tried. I am a better person for trying.”

“Young lady, you have not failed, you have written about the spiral, people will read this and then they will know about me and what I created all those years ago. I know that while you know the hypotenuse is continually getting longer but with each triangle by a lesser amount you think it should eventually it will be a circle. I know that you have written a maths program where the spiral continues on round and round and that you have left that program running for days to see what happens. It appears to go on for infinity and you don’t understand why. Perhaps because the third derivative (the change in the change of the hypotenuse) is getting smaller therefore the difference in the change of the length is getting smaller and so it begins to look like circles with the same difference in size.”

Brenda felt relieved that she actually understood this now, finally.

She smiled. “Thanks.”

Theodorus continued. ”You have also tried to tell people your thoughts about women needing to take more of control of their environment by studying maths, science and engineering especially now there are no constraints about them going to university or working, that is courageous. You are so desperate to find a cure for your mother that you have written a book you want published in the hope someone will read it and help her.”

“Stop being so hard on yourself,” he paused for a moment and then said. “I will tell you one more thing; you were right when you wrote about people believing unsafe ideas. You have highlighted this when you say, Max thinks Charlotte set the time entanglement in motion, Charlotte thinks it was the strange artefact from the future, and you think it was the scientists and programmers in Year 3015 but I am going to tell you it was the fate of the universe that caused it. Physicists will discover time entanglement and all the social and policy issues you have mentioned will have to be discussed and controlled to prevent chaos. It was always going to happen and you cannot stop it. The future has already happened.”

Max; Charlotte; Kesbooks Skytower; Marla, Tarnie; Leroy.

Book 3. The Wave and the Particle

Cover of the Wave and the Particle

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