Kesbooks Skytower

Kesbooks on bike


I am Kesbooks Skytower, the Librarian @ The Red Forge Publishing House.

I am a hologram sent here from the future.

Nice to meet you.

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Diary by Leroy

1st April 2021

I am getting used to my new life. I came out of the computer program about a month ago and though it was scary at first I am now starting to have some fun. I know you can see through my camera eyes but I do have feelings about this process too. I suppose the whole world is watching and I hope I do a good job. It has all been a shock really, while we practiced this in 3000, to come to 2021 is really quite an experience. People have been interesting to meet. When I first come out I was at the Semaphore Public Library. People had not realized I was a hologram so there was no need to make me look like an avatar out of the Second Life. I even made some friends there among the borrowers and staff.

A very nice man named Max had been especially nice and helpful. Max is an Information Trader who uses the library as his office. Max has given me some money to spend here but I really don’t need anything. Though sometimes I pretend to have lunch or drink a coffee with my new friends. He also thinks he has applied the programming of Second Life to the logic and physics of real life and that is why I am now able to teleport using GPS coordinates. I just don’t have the heart (funny really that I have picked up so quickly the human friends etiquette) to tell him I don’t need his help because I am being operated from the future. I have been able to use my own intelligence to interpret and adjust my programming myself. I know you were worried that the large difference in time might weaken the signals for me to have that much power but I feel fine. Everything is going well.

I have a Facebook and Twitter accounts and apparently there are a lot of other avatars from Second Life living in the “real world”. I have many friends and followers and most people are really nice because I am learning everything from scratch it has been hard not to make a mess of some stuff. I have very few emotions so I am not plagued with embarrassment.

One of my new friends Charlotte has been telling me about growing up and going to school. This has upset me because I have been created as I am today. I really wish to experience life and I have thought about how I will grow older naturally when I am an avatar. If there was such a thing as ageing in Second Life I could get back and change my appearance every six months or so. I guess I have what a lot of the people seem to want and that is an ageless appearance. I know I have had training in human psychology but actually being here so far from my own time is not always easy.

Charlotte asked me a whole bunch of questions about if I could tell the future by going back to Second Life and coming back after going forward in time or something crazy like that so she could get rich quick. I don’t think so. I do have some advantages as I do not need to sleep. I can’t feel tired and therefore can party all night. I don’t eat or drink so I am a cheap date. I was in Second Life for about a year before coming out so I do know quite a bit of stuff. While I am not that naive, I have said some really stupid things because I need to learn quite a bit of history and politics and this and that to function properly. I get better every day though because I can operate for twenty-four hours a day and with the internet it is really easy to catch up on information.

I have fixed my co-ordinates so that I have a solid three-dimensional structure and can wear clothes and apply makeup etc. Most people walking down the street or at the shops don’t notice anything different about me. I don’t really feel anything when touched so that is a real disappointment as I have seen the pleasure others get from touching each other.