Hi I am first introduced in Book 2 The Red Forge Publishing House. The following are some notes I took at the last meeting.

Meeting @ The Red Forge Publishing House  July 2021

Science of Holograms:

I found out about Australian Holographics while researching for Marla. This company was around in the 1990’s near Adelaide where Max lives so it could be possible that some experiments took place in that laboratory that led to Kesbooks Skytower turning up in Semaphore, SA.

I am rather skeptical about the time travel aspect of Brenda’s story but without it I guess there would not be much to it. I think Brenda is disappointed with the limited options in her life and imagines time travel would bring opportunities otherwise not available to her. She was very brave to go to Paris on her own.

The team at TRFPH are really great. I sometimes go to Charlotte’s business Theodorus Spiral Company and she lets me use the blacksmithing forges. I haven’t met her so-called “other selves.” Her brother Max is a great bloke too. I have done quite a bit of work for Adelaide Library and Information Services.

I will probably hang around for a while to see where this is going.