Name: Max Ovenden

Age: 37

Occupation: Information Agent @ Maxden Library and Information Services


I have been in Brenda’s head the longest of all her characters. It all started with the scene of me sealing a deal with a kiss at the library. The client was very grateful I managed to help her with her information needs.

I was happy with my information business which I named Maxden Library and Information Services. I managed to get in early building data banks and marts and developing cutting edge data analysis methods and practice.

I found even with the vast spread of information available to everyone via the internet a lot of people still were having trouble finding timely relevant information. My information trading business provides a one-stop shop for all your information needs.

I also started buying up important texts that the libraries were disposing of and created a little business holding onto the last copies of rare books.

I first becomes aware of time entanglement issues in Brenda’s story when I met Kesbooks Skytower, the hologram at the Semaphore Public Library.

At the time I was quite staggered by meeting her but it didn’t take long to adjust to her existence. In fact, I was very much excited by her. She represented so many changes in the way we live and raised endless possibilities for the future.

When it was realised that time travel was possible I was in the perfect position to provide information on time travel tours.

Then I met Marla at a party and she invited me to be part of The Red Forge Publishing House team.  We are working together to make the concept of the story, music, art become a brand and business selling the book, play, film script and merchandise.

With the passing of time, time travel has been banned but my secret passion is to go back in time and save Hypatia, the Greek Mathematician from being murdered and support her with her endeavours.