Name: Marla Bradbury

Age: 32

Occupation: Producer at The Red Forge Publishing House

It was wonderful finding Brenda’s laptop. I spend time thinking about what she had been writing about in the My Painted Elephant (Shakespeare & Company Version) a world where time entanglement or time travel was a trivial matter and what the reaction would be in the community as it was discovered. It seemed obvious to me that not everyone would ‘jump in’ and do it.

I also think about the hologram Kesbooks Skytower character; she is supposed to be from the year 3000. Surely every reader is going to want to ask her “what’s it like?” and “can we communicate with the people in the future who sent her back?” I need to talk to Leroy about this.

I am so glad I met Max at his party and he and his sister Charlotte have been very helpful as part of The Red Forge Publishing House team.

I feel I am under a lot of pressure to succeed. I really want to turn The Red Forge Publishing House into a play and possibly a film but I have found it hard to connect all the parts of My Painted Elephant and integrate them into the new work.

Lately I have been hoping to find a buyer for The Red Forge Publishing House concept. I think the right person could really make something out of it.