The Red Forge Publishing House is a multimedia creative installation.

The Red Forge Publishing House with Kesbooks


“I am Kesbooks Skytower

“I am a hologram sent here from the future.”

“Nice to meet you”

A Perpetual Tale (Cover Photo)

A Perpetual Tale by Keren Sutcliffe is a forever changing story spiraling through time with a seemingly infinite loop in the present.

It is a free book for you to read. If you like it perhaps you might like to buy a t-shirt or something else from Kes Creations.

About the story:

Marla is the founder of The Red Forge Publishing House. One of the many projects she has on the go is  trying to make the novella (My Painted Elephant) into a creative installation with a readership following and a merchandising branch.

In it, the main character Brenda, struggles to satisfy her need to accomplish something out of the ordinary. She is living homeless on the streets of Paris writing a novella that she hopes will win her a competition. Brenda’s decision to make the chapter lengths of her story proportional to the Spiral of Theodorus makes the quest to complete the task very daunting.

Cover of My Painted Elephant
Book 1. My Painted Elephant Brenda has left her family in Australia and traveled to Paris to write a story where time is beginning to tangle. While obsessing  with her characters Max, the Information Agent from Maxden Library and Information Services, and his sister Charlotte, the owner of the Theodorus Spiral Company, she  tries to analyse her barriers to success.

Cover of The Red Forge Publishing HouseBook 2. The Red Forge Publishing House Brenda has introduced her character Kesbooks Skytower; the hologram sent from the future via Second Life. Marla has set up the The Red Forge Publishing House and is frantic to make My Painted Elephant a success. ArkiMay, editor and content contributor, joins the team as well as new recruits, Leroy, the science writer and Tarnie, musical director, who come with their own complexities to the increasingly complicated situation.

Cover of the Wave and the Particle

Book 3.  The Wave and the Particle A story spanning thousands of years. When Theodorus of Cyrene examined the Spiral of Theodorus in 300 BC, he set off a path through time to discover the mysteries of maths and science. ArkiMay joins characters from the past, present and into the future including Kembla, the time traveling blacksmith.

Book 4. The Elegant Solution The long awaited finale chapter. Loved characters turn up in all their glory, pulling Tom into their antics, in the final scene at the the Dockside Tavern.

HAVE FUN and Try To Keep Up

The Red Forge Publishing House

Adelaide Fringe Theatrical Performance 2018

Fringe 2018

Play Collage

At the Dockside Tavern February 2018

The Script

The Red Forge Publishing House Performance 

 Kes Creations

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Kes Creations is your one stop shop to buy all your Red Forge Publishing House and Theodorus Spiral Company merchandise: t-shirts, tea towels, carry bags and cushion covers.

Theodorus Spiral Company and Maxden Library and Information Services are connected to The Red Forge Publishing House creative installation.

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Theodorus Spiral Company


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