This was going to be a drain on Tarnie’s reserves. She felt the transparent skin under her sleeve twitch. For the umpteenth time she thought to herself, ‘that was  so stupid.’

Not long ago Tarnie had had a bit of wild night out in the future and had come back to 2021 with a transparent skin graft on the inside of her wrist. She could see inside her body, all the rage in 2180 but the technique had not been developed in current time where The Red Forge Publishing House (TRFPH) was and definitely not in 1993 where she spent most of her time looking after her son. Tarnie had been slipping into the future at night or when he was at school to try to fill up the spare time she had.

She had a great job as musical director at TRFPH mainly because there is only one piece to work on; Homeless in Paradise. She had ambitions for it though; to be an opera played by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Luckily for Tarnie, she had made contact with the Director of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra via LinkedIn and she was madly preparing and practicing the piece ready to present to him if the opportunity arises.

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